Gelso Pellegrini Plays William Tell

Check out this excellent video of the late, great Gelso Pellegrini playing William Tell on the accordion. Thanks to Roberto for posting the video on YouTube!


  1. WOW. My jaw is on the floor.

  2. Thank you so much Roberto for posting this video. Seeing this has made my holiday’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I believe I know Gelso. I studied with Joseph Rossi from about 1943 to about 1949. His studio was at 145 west 45th street. I knew Gelso because we played in the Rossi accordion band together. Often, after rehearsal my father would drop Gelso off at his home on the east side of Manhattan. I lived in the Bronx. Gelso and I competed as soloists and I always came in second to Gelso- he was just so good. Please let me know if this is the same Gelso I knew so many years ago.