How to Build a Hohner Corona

Hohner Corona AssemblyOver on the Reyes Accordions forum, I found some excellent photos taken by Peter Unbehauen during a recent trip to the Hohner accordion factory in Trossingen, Germany. (Some readers may remember his photo tour of the Hohner factory from last year.) Among his latest photos are shots of the building and assembly of Hohner Corona accordions. It’s fascinating to see that the process is still done almost completely by hand — from molding the celluloid to assembling the reed blocks to the final tuning.

Peter has also scanned the entire Hohner spare parts catalog. While you can only get instruments from a dealer, you can order nearly any spare/replacement part imaginable directly from the Hohner factory in Germany. So next time you need a pair of accordion bellow nail pliers, you know where to go.

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  1. I have a 60’s model HOHNER piano accordion 120 bass 5 reed and I am in need of a rubber bushing for the treble side. This bushing attaches from the round rod on the key to the flat piece of medal that pulls up to allow air into the reed.