Building an Accordion Tuning Table

Accordion Tuning Table“Uncle Bob” from the newsgroup has an interesting project going; he’s building a tuning table for testing accordion reeds and reed blocks. Even better, he’s documenting the entire process on his website with plenty of photos. According tuning is a tricky (but not impossible) art, and this is a fascinating look at what it takes to build a solid test bench.

Be sure to check out some of his other photo galleries, too, including a series where he repairs an old Austrian Styrische accordion and some photos of a quirky Colombo that he recently picked up.


  1. I admire people who take on obsessive projects like this. I’ll stick to playing though, thanks just the same.

  2. wow! i have recently taken up tuning and was looking for something like this!!! yeah, blowing into the reed blocks is not a good idea. LOL.

  3. where can i buy a reed tester, either portable or table mount.

    i seen a couple of portable ones on e-bay for sale but they no longer appear.

    i want to just pull the reed blocks out of the accordion and test them without removing the individual reeds. i had one stick on me and had to take it several hundred miles from me to have it fixed. the effective reed was found easily and cleared very quickly. i need to do them my self. thank you.

  4. Please can you let me know where I can buy an Accordion reed table tuner

  5. I would like plans or pictures for building a reed testing table.