Build Your Own Cajun Accordion

Cajun accordion keyboardCan’t afford a brand-new Cajun button accordion? Try building your own! The DIY Network show Handmade Music recently aired a five-part series on building your own Cajun accordion.

Led by Louisiana accordion maker Marc Savoy, the series covers the whole process step-by-step — from building the reed-mounts to fashioning the keyboard on through to attaching the bellows. Even if you aren’t planning to build your own box, it’s a fascinating look at how button accordions are built.

I couldn’t find any video clips, but there are extensive summaries (with photos) of each episode online. Did anyone out there catch the show? If so, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.


  1. Hello there! I have a 20 button accordion with 10 buttons on each side. I have not been able to find any information about it. If you have any helpful suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

    thank you!!

    Makenzie Green

  2. Hmm… one-row diatonic accordions have 10 treble buttons, but they usually don’t have that many bass buttons. Is it a concertina? Hohner makes a concertina that fits that description — the D40 series concertinas have 10 treble buttons and 10 bass.

  3. I purchased a ten button W S german accordian in an antique store several years ago Recently i dragged it out and taught mysef the scales. which is how i taught myself to play the fiddle. ( i also make my fiddles) Today i had a major breakthorugh and now Old Susana is coming through with ease as well as a couple of old hymns with similar notes. The concept of making my own appeals to me as i almost hate playing this old one desite its excellant condition.I think it was not played much if at all and was stored very well. I can see this is also going to e a fun instrument!

  4. That’s great, Don! Keep it up!

  5. Please dont ignore this…in seventeen and i really need a cajun accordion. please help me as much as u can.i wana accoplish my dream of sharing my talent with the world and showing everyone anyone can do it. thank u for your time, merci boocoo!

  6. Ruben, I’d keep your eyes out for an old cajun accordion that someone’s getting rid of — maybe at a yard sale or estate sale. You may be able to find a cheap one that you can fix up and play. Good luck!

  7. hey man, i was just looking around here on this page and came across your question, if your looking for a cajun accordion, i have a hand made 10 key accordion made by the late Charlie Ortego. i am looking to sell it because i am about to have one made just for me, if you would like to see it or hear it and for price, just email me its :, i am from lake charles, La.

  8. i would to build my own cajun accordion if i can

  9. Good Day,
    I have a Magnolia custom made accordion that belonged to my late father. I have held on to it for 10years and now feel I should pass it on to some good cajun who would love to play it as he did. I dont know much about it other than it is about 30 years old and in mint condition. It I was made by Fred Cormier of Lafayette. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact me via email.

  10. Hi Kathy, what’s your email? I would love to buy an old Magnolia, but I can’t find your address to contact you. Mail me at

  11. I have an immaculate “Vermilion” built by Moisey Baudoin last year I would like to get rid of if any one is interested. It is in the key of C, made of Curley Maple so it is light weight. Moisey handcrafts them for $1500 and I’ll let mine go for $1200.

    The reason I’m selling it is because I cant play :o(

    By the way, I’m in Abbeville, La.

  12. Fred Is my uncle, I have been trying to finde a MAGNOLIA, If you still have it i will be willing to buy it, to give to my father. He has been playing on a honner that is about 50 years old, the bello leaks and it is not tuned. He would be facinated to have an accordion made by his brother.
    thanks Toby Cormier

  13. HI KATHY
    contact me at

  14. Does anyone know where i can finde a MAGNOLIA accordion? If so Please contact me at Fred is my uncle and i am trying to finde one that he has made. Thanks Toby

  15. does anyone know where i can get a cheap cajun accordion that i could fix up? i can play but BRAND new ones are expensive

  16. Have you ever thought about getting a honer, they sound ok, and they are a lot less expensive than a hand made one.

  17. I was wondering if anyone has any advise about building accordions, I am atempting to build one. It is coming along slow because it is a 9 button(youth accordion for my son) I will start bulding the big ones after the 9 note is complete. Thanks
    T. Cormier

  18. Trying to find a cajun (reeds) accordion BUT with keyboard instead of buttons–(right side)—- right hand got burnt years ago and I can only play the keyboard-type accordion—- (can’t find the buttons no more LOL)– just want one with the CAJUN reeds in it! Does anyone make one or???? thanks SOOoo much
    Stan, Pleasanton, Texas

  19. I have a
    German made 12 chord,15 white 10 black key with the insignia “Registrato”with scales of justice and blue birds with the insignia of 2 B’s.
    Came into the family second hand about 70 years ago.Any information or identification advice would be appreciated. THanks

  20. In response to the Vermillion C accordion. Send me an e-mail at I am seriously interested in it.


  21. Anyone with a used, authentic, Cajun accordion, preferably key of C. I need one soon. I have been learning on my foreign made accordion but i need something better. I am in college at LSU so i can’t afford a brand new one. Just let me know what you have. E-mail me at

  22. The DIY Network show Handmade Music aired a five-part series on building your own Cajun accordion.
    by Louisiana accordion maker Marc Savoy.
    Does anyone know where I could order that series of shows, or where I could purchase them.

    Many thanks,


  23. Hey, Im looking for a accordion that is playable condition for reasonable price ! HANDMADE cajun accordion….Please email me at !!!!

  24. Kathy I am interested in d magnolia accordion.
    Freddy was my father and I would to have one
    He made,email me at.

  25. I need to know how to build or repair the bellows on an old handmade cajun accordion it has three bass and 10 regular buttons and nothing else .. it was originally assembled with hide glue and thread gaskets…don’t have any information on it… I have repaired all but the bellows and don’t know how …any information would be greatly appreciated

  26. I have a D a Pointe Noire accordion built by the late Dick Richard. I have noticed that the B note on the pull is squeaking and is out of pitch. Do I have to change the whole set of reeds or just the reed on that buttton an d how do I go about doing it? I took the box to a repairer who is familiar with piano accordions and he told me that he couldn’t take the reeds out because they were “glued”in. Help! I’m in Canada and a long way from Louisiana.