More Eurovision Madness: Verka Serduchka

Like American Idol, the annual Eurovision Song Contest is one of my favorite musical guilty pleasures. Ridiculously cheesy songs delivered with over-the-top drama, usually in a language I can’t understand… what’s not to like?

I wrote about Israel’s controversial entry, “Push the Button”, last month but today I came across some lighter fare. “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” is the Ukraine’s entry — a high-energy dance number (with accordion, of course) sung by a cross-dressing guy who calls himself Verka Serduchka. He reminded me of San Francisco’s accordion-playing drag queen, Kielbasia, but if she had stayed in the old country and become a pop diva.


  1. Great flick. The accordion player was rockin. Though I couldn’t help feeling like I was watching the offspring of Dame Edna and Boy George. Score one for Ukraine.

  2. What a fun song!
    Serbia was crap so was the UK unfortunately.
    Ukraine should have won, hope we see some of him over here soon.

  3. What happened there then? the UKRAINE should have won this years eurovision song contest, most of it is usually a load of cr…, well tat, but Verka Serduchka’s dancing lasha tumbai, was the best song from the contest for absloute years, so catchy and with plenty of go in it. (make a good clubbing tune that)

    I’ll be looking out for the singal, Eagarly

    Marcus Rheade-Edwards

  4. Verka is very popular in the former USSR countries. Though I cannot say I liked her (his) singing, her show was the most spectacular, with Russian girls definitely in their right second place. As to Serbia, I only remember an ugly woman in black man’s cloths and white sports shoes. I forgot her song the moment she finished singing. I was absolutely puzzled when she was put in first place.

  5. Yes, the words to Verka’s song were a bit thin, but what a tune.
    Dose any one know the significant’s of the words at the begining are? which when translated are, “7 7 i love you 7 . 7 , 1 . 2 / 7 . 7 i love you 1 . 2 . 3” i cant think what the meaning of that might be?

  6. This means nothing! That was just a german childish song – ” Zieben, zieben ai liu liu, zieben zieben ein zvei!” i dont now how to spell it correctly. Its just a fun fun song without any sense!

  7. It was utter madness, which is why I listened to it about five times and posted it to every one of my social networking profiles.