Japanese Accordion/Ukulele Duel

We’ve mentioned jazz accordion here before, but never jazz ukulele, and certainly never the two together. However, this clip of swingin’ Japanese ukulele duo TTCafe (with guests) covers it all. A fairly straightforward rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic “Sir Duke” morphs into a spirited give-and-take between Kunitaka Watanabe on accordion and Takashi Nakamura on ukulele.


  1. I was grinning over these videos this morning. I love seeing musicians enjoying themselves.

  2. ZOMFG!!!! that is sweet. i LOVE japanese culture and people!!!! arigatougozaimasu!!!!!

  3. Woodshed: Thanks! I really like your uke blog. It was actually another ukulele blog — Ukulelia — that inspired me to start Let’s Polka.

    Vincent: Have you heard Asakusa Jinta? They’re a rockabillly-style marching brass band (with accordion) from Japan. Right up your alley.