Quick Links: May 31, 2007

  • Pepe Maldonado – Tejano Music Forum
    Pepe Maldonado is a semi-retired Tejano musician who dedicates his spare time to keeping traditional conjunto music alive. He hosts weekly Sunday night dances at La Lomita Park in McAllen, TX; this week, Los Fantasmas del Valle are playing.
  • Hiram College T-Shirt Deal
    The Hiram College Library is trying to increase its collection of local music in all styles, including polka. Northeast Ohio musicians are invited to swap a CD for a Hiram College t-shirt. It’s a win-win: get a shirt and a chance to tap a new audience.
  • NPR : Denver Band DeVotchKa Channels Russian Chanson
    An interview with DeVotchKa frontman Nick Urata before their recent performance of Russian chanson in LA. He talks a bit about growing up around “accordion music and immigrants dancing holding hands,” a feeling DeVotchKa tries to capture in its music.

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