Cajun Squeezebox Blog Launches

Bird's Eye Martin Accordion in CThe accordion blog scene keeps growing! The latest addition is the Cajun Squeezebox Blog. Written by a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, it focuses on Cajun accordion news and events, as well as occasional tablatures (notes and lyrics) so you can play along at home. Last week, they featured the “The Convict Waltz” (or “La Valse de Quatre-Vingt Dix-Neuf Ans”) which was popularized by the late Cajun accordion legend, Iry LeJeune.


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I love your website and the almost daily emails about accordion news and such. I really look forward to checking my email each day to see what’s happening in the accordion world. I’ve passed your website on to other accordion players in my area and they love it also.


  2. Thanks Gene! We really appreciate it.