American Accordionists Association Festival

It’s been a busy week for the folks who keep up with the accordion festival circuit. Yesterday, the American Accordionists Association’s 2006 Competition and Festival got underway in Buffalo, NY. There will be competitions (solos, duets, polka, and more), gala concerts each night, and, of course, a group trip to Niagara Falls. Not to mention the highly anticipated group performance of “Beer Barrel Polka.” (Really! Get the sheet music here.)

There was something on the festival’s schedule, though, that caught my eye. Which of these workshops doesn’t quite fit?

  • Beginning Harmony for Overworked Part-time Accordionists
  • Keeping Your Accordion Club Alive
  • The Art of the Bellows Shake
  • Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

They probably just want to make sure your accordion is taken care of — not stuffed in an attic or sold on eBay — after you’re gone.

Update: Here’s an article on the festival from Friday’s Buffalo News.

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