Dick Contino at Cotati Accordion Festival

We’re back from Cotati and we had a fantastic time! I’m ready to crash right now, but over the next couple days I’ll post a bunch of photos and write up some highlights, including the amazing story of how Anna won the grand prize at the festival raffle — a shiny new Hohner Corona II diatonic accordion. Really!

In the meantime, check out a set of festival photos from Flickr user mudpieblues, as well as this short video I took during Dick Contino’s performance on Sunday:


  1. I don’t remember Dick looking like a cowboy but he certainly can play the accordion! Wow!

  2. I cannot remember Dick ever in a Cowboy hat either and I have known him personaly(good friend) for 37 years & my partent known him longer then that. But hey, the man can wear anything, still look & play GREAT!!!