Polka America Corporation Launches

Heralding a “new era for the polka industry,” the Polka America Corporation (PAC) has launched as a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting polka music throughout North America. Their website is a little stodgy — which is strange considering the fun, bouncy nature of the people and music they’re promoting — but they’re clearly committed to their cause. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and include folks like Don Hedeker (of the Polkaholics), Ray Zalokar (who runs 247PolkaHeaven.com), intrepid polka CD reviewer Barry Nostradamus Sher, Big Lou, and many more. Membership is open to the general public and only costs $5 (no word on whether that gets you a swanky membership card for your wallet). PAC has the potential to be very influential in the polka community and I’m looking forward to hearing more about their plans.

1 Comment:

  1. Certainly, the swanky membership card for your wallet is included with the $5.00 fee.

    We are moving along with Polka America Corporation quite well and are excited to help in any way possible (within our scope) in the polka community.

    Thank you for taking time to think of us!