AOL Launches Polka Radio

After last month’s announcement heralding the end of the polka Grammy, polka lovers have been waiting for some good news. Last week, AOL Radio answered the call by launching an all-polka station, broadcasting happy polka beats around the clock. The mix is actually pretty good so far — in addition to the usual suspects (Yankovic, Sturr, etc.), I’ve heard Brave Combo, Those Darn Accordions, and even conjunto pioneer Narciso Martinez.

If you’re simply looking for a jukebox, AOL’s polka station does a fine job. But if you prefer hearing the occasional human voice, I recommend checking out — the Internet’s first around-the-clock polka radio channel. Their programming schedule features shows hosted by polka personalities from across the country, including Tony Petkovsek, Wild Wilson, and more.


  1. Dear Let’s Polka,

    you do a nice job providing Accordion-related information. I read your site regularly. keep up the good work!


  2. Hey that’s great news!

  3. Thanks for great public service! I didn’t even know AOL had radio stations. I’ve searched for a polka station that actually works and has good stuff. Thanks again!

  4. Another good site is polka jammer:

    It tends to be a little more polka/accordion centric. Polka Heaven has some great shows but other times it can trail off into Waltzes/Lawrence Welk/Big Band/corny patriotic/religious songs.

    Another one I just discovered is
    -I haven’t listened to this one too much but it seems to be more centered on playing old records and, again, some religious and big band stuff.