Name That Accordion: Sonova?

Time to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and settle in for another edition of “Name That Accordion.” Today’s accordion comes from reader Alper K., who believes this accordion is originally from Romania, but has been unable to identify the brand. The nameplate isn’t clear to me — is that “Sonova”? “Sonora”? “Fonova”? Click here for more photos and leave a comment if you have any ideas.


  1. Never heard of either variation, but a bit of googling finds nothing on Sonova, but a few listings for Sonora accordions for sale and a forum thread about one. Also an accordion company list (whose link I was going to post but lost) had both Sonola and Sonora on it. Doesn’t look like an L to me, so it’s probably a Sonora. No clue what model it is.

  2. most probably some elder model – have a look
    at HOHNER’s products list under “sonora”

  3. I had one of that, it was branded “SONORA” and it was manufactured in Romania. Probably a Weltmeister or Hohner license. It was a pretty good instrument.