Name That Accordion

I receive a lot of emails from people who have found (or been given) an old accordion and are looking to identify it and determine its value. And while this is a common predicament, there are very few resources online for accurately identifying vintage accordions. So I typically ask these people where they’re located and refer them to a local accordion shop. (Especially since, to do an accurate appraisal, you really need to see, hear, and even smell an accordion in person.)

But lately I’ve been thinking, why not throw some of these queries to our readers — after all, you’re probably one of the most diverse and knowledgeable collections of accordion enthusiasts online. So, we’re starting a regular feature called “Name That Accordion”, where we post photos of re-discovered accordions and ask you, our fair readers, to help identify their age, origin, and any other historical details you can muster up.

Our first subjects come from Carmen L., who is researching three accordions that her late stepfather left her. We’ve posted a few photos on Flickr — there’s a black 120-bass Wurlitzer, a blue two-row Concertone, and a red German-made 12-bass. If you can help fill in the details on any of these boxes, post a comment here or over at Flickr. Let’s test the wisdom of the crowds!

Name That Accordion


  1. I so want this to catch on! A listener just gave us a 1920’s era student model (probably), and a friend has a photo of the local Vancouver (Canada) Accordion Band from 1930. I really want to compare the two with a magnifier to see if I have one of the 40 accordions in the photo. Accordion Band 1930.jpg

  2. This link should work:

  3. I have a accordion that was left to me by my great uncle. I’m not sure what brand it is but it is almost mint and sounds great. I had someone play it and they said the same. It does not have a brand name on it it has a D70 on it and on the bottom it has a plastic cover with a tag that says Made in Italy. I want to know what brand this is and how much it is worth? Here is a link to my pics on craigslist.