Name That Accordion: C10?

Okay, accordion sleuths: reader Diane has sent us a few photos of an accordion with two notable features: a small V and “C10” on the front grille and a “Made in Italy” nameplate on the back. Thinking the V might be a clue to the manufacturer’s name, Diane contacted Victoria Accordions in Italy, but they didn’t recognize it. Any ideas? Click here for more photos.

Name that Accordion


  1. Looks like a Lindo to me. Didn’t they have a C10?

  2. I think you’re right Clayton. The C10 marking matches the one on this Lindo I found on eBay.

  3. hey, you guys are good….

  4. That accordion looks to me to be a “ACE” Accordion. that logo i believe is their logo. They were made in the 50-60’s. Ace was an accordion that was manufactured from “BELL” accordions. The C-10 I would assume is the model of the box

    Danny Fitterer’s accordion that says Danny on the front is an ACE accordion. They are well built accordions. This accordion in the pic although is a 120 bass accordion, it’s a beginners model only having what looks like 2 reeds on the keyboard side and is smaller in size. usually call a ladies accordion. Hope this helps.

  5. HA CHA!! Thank you all!!
    I have been searching for the identity of this for a while now.
    I had originally disregarded it as an Imperial Lindo, because I could not find that little “marquee”.
    However I found one with seven registers for sale at smythes accordion center dot com

    It is my fave to play and yes, it is a ladies accordion. Incredibly compact. I like it because it fits in the overhead bin on the airplane, and a lot lighter than my old Wurlitzer. And has that “wear pearls when you play it” elegance of black and chrome.

    But I mainly got it becuase it has a beautiful deep sound. I dont like mussete so much.

  6. That is the Imperial brand accordian. I have it and the original paperwork and case from 1957. I am trying to now find out how much it is worth for my father. Mine is a little different, but if it has the V in a circle and the c10 on the other side, it is exactly like this one, but mine has glittery blue keys. Cute, huh? I love being Polish!

  7. *accordion

  8. I have an accordion that looks simmilar to the one you have but it has D70 on and the same tag Made in Italy? any info you have will help. I want to sell it it was left to me from a great uncle. It is almost mint. Its been a closet for a very long time still plays and sounds great.


    here are some pics of it. Please help me name it and how much it is worth?

  10. I have ace accordion seril # A549 white pearl color in good condition. Does anyone know what it is worth.

  11. The white pearl accordion with the serial number A549 that “john” posted on August 1, 2010, is worth about $157,000,000.00 now.

    However, if you can hold out for more, you could sell that accordion for 160 million dollars very easy!

    Hope that helps…

  12. I do not have an accordion but my Lady Friend does. Hers is a Lindo Imperial, No. 8820, made in Italy. Looks a lot like Dianes and also even more like the C10 which we think it might be but have no papers and aren’t sure. Is in tip top condition and plays like new.

  13. The only difference we can see in the photo of Dianes Accordion and my Lady Friends is that the Grille above the inverted V over the Keyboard on hers is covered with a silver plate punched full of little holes covered by a series of criscrossed little silver bars. Hope that helps.

  14. Where do you suggest trying to sell an Accordion? I was thinking craigslist but didn’t know if there were other places to post it as well. My husband has an ACE that is in mint condition, however he doesn’t play anymore and we’re ready to get it back into good hands! I believe it’s Model A25. Any help would be greatly appreciated!