MP3 Monday: Box Club

Bring together four of the best young accordion players in Scotland, each with their own distinctive style of playing, and you have Box Club. Gary Innes, John Somerville, Mairearad Green and Angus Lyon all met through the vibrant Glasgow music scene and saw an opportunity to showcase the versatility of the accordion by playing together. In a recent interview with the Highland News, they discussed the pros and cons of a four accordion band:

“One good thing with accordions is that they only have to be tuned once every five or six months, so you don’t have that thing of tuning onstage for the accordions. But it can be quite unforgiving as the note is either on or not, so if you’re all playing the same thing, the note has to be identical. So we’ve been spending a bit of time learning each other’s styles.”

This track comes from their debut album, released last Spring in the UK.

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