MP3 Monday: Arizona Accordion Club

Hot Original Polkas by the Arizona Accordion ClubOne of the reasons we created our directory was to showcase the numerous accordion clubs across the country working tirelessly to promote our favorite instrument. A great example is the Arizona Accordion Club who, in addition to their monthly meetings, hold an annual festival and even sponsor scholarships for young accordionists.

This year, the club has gone even further with the release of Hot Original Polkas, an album of — you guessed it — original polkas written and performed by members of the club. Each polka has its own flavor and the players range in age from 19 to 80+. The album kicks off with this track written by club member John Smoltz. (Not the baseball player, though he used to play the accordion, too!)


  1. Great site and Blog. It’s nice to see everything in one place. Thanks again for all that you do to promote the accordion.


  2. Congratulations to the Arizona Accordion Club for keeping the accordions alive. I would like to add our club in Wisconsin to the list. The Sheboygan Accordion Club is very active in and around the Sheboygan. WI area, playing for many nursing homes and several festivals. Our club also gives a $750.00 scholarship to a local high school graduate for the last 5 years. We hope to continue this program for as long as possible. Thanks again for promoting the accordion. Jim Behrens Sec.-Treas. Sheboygan Accordion Club.