Beautiful Wood Accordion by Victoria

Acoustic wood accordion by Victoria Accordions

I’m not sure we can fit another accordion in our house, but I’d make room for this gorgeous acoustic wood accordion built by Victoria Accordions in Castelfidardo, Italy. Victoria was founded by Dario Dari and Adriano Picchietti in 1919 and continues to produce high-quality accordions today for artists like Richard Galliano, Coba (Yasuhiro Kobayashi), and Bjarke Mogensen. They also make wood diatonic accordions and bandoneons that are equally stunning.

(I found this photo over at Squeezytunes, which is one of our favorite accordion sites. If you enjoy pictures of strange and beautiful keyboard instruments — and who doesn’t? — check it out.)


  1. I think this photo emphasizes the true classical nature of the accordion. It is not only for Polkas.

  2. So true, Frank. That’s probably what I love most about the accordion — it sounds comfortable and natural in a multitude of musical styles.

  3. Do you make instruments with Kraftsof diskant?

    Bjarne Valberg

  4. Bjarne, we don’t make any accordions — we just write about them. Check with Victoria Accordions if you have any questions about their line of instruments.

  5. I’m going to be in Italy in October. Can you help me with the dates of the Castelfidardo Accordian Festival in La Marche, Italy?

    I’d love to include it in my itinerary. What a better thing to do?

  6. Where can I hear a sample of this wooden accordion by Victoria? Please write

    Thank you

  7. I just bought this accordion yesterday and I just Love it !!!

  8. I wish to purchase a French Musette tuned piano accordion. Quality is of utmost importance!! Could you rank them–1,2,3, Thank you. Bernard (Send answer to my email address.)

  9. Have not heard from anyone regarding my posting 10/28/10, but I had to change my EMail address–sorry.

    Secondly, does anyone know where I can purchase CD’s done by accordionist Christa Behnke. Thank you.

  10. To Bernard Schlender: I have a musette tuned Victoria model A255V Orchestra II M. It is very wet tuned, with about five musette settings/sounds. There’s French, Bass musette, Continental, etc. Send me an email if you’re interested. If you go to my home page, you’ll see a pisture of the Victoria.

  11. je suis fan des accordeons chromatiques caisse en bois merci de me renseigner sur les differents modèles et differentes marques à plus Richard