Are You (Tex Mex) Experienced?

One band I missed in my SXSW accordion recap was Shawn Sahm and the Tex Mex Experience. As you might have guessed, Shawn is the son of the late Doug Sahm, founder of the Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados.

The Tex Mex Experience is quickly making a name for themselves with their high-energy, accordion-fueled Texas rock, and have opened shows for Los Lonely Boys, Robert Cray, and Susan Tedeschi. And this review of their SXSW showcase suggests they’re ready to break out:

“The fusion of all-out rock, hot-licks accordion and guitar, spot-on vocals and catchy, hook-laden songs is irresistible. If the business types from the music industry are worried about marketing a rock band with an accordion, they need to get over it, strap on their dancing shoes and unleash the Tex-Mex Experience.”

Here’s a live clip of the Tex Mex Experience playing “Why Doncha?”; watch for the accordion solo (by former Texmaniac Michael Guerra) halfway through.


  1. Any friend of Los Lonely Boys is a friend of mine! Seriously, this band sounds dope!

  2. It must be difficult to operate in the shadow of a famous father. I was a Doug Sahm fan – I liked his groove and the way he attacked a song. I’d like to like his son’s band too, but the clip here didn’t offer much to blow me away.

  3. Good point, Mr. A. I found an interesting San Antonio Express-News piece about Shawn Sahm and it sounds like he’s spent most of the past few years taking care of his father’s legacy and has only recently started to focus on his own career.

  4. Excellent article…thanks!