eBay Find: Accordion Times Magazine

Ever wondered if Queen Elizabeth II is an accordion lover? After seeing her portrait on the cover of the June 1953 issue of Accordion Times and Modern Musician, how couldn’t she be? A copy of this special “Coronation Issue” of the magazine is currently up for sale on eBay and looks like a fascinating glimpse at the British accordion community of the 1950s. According to the listing, the issue includes features on the NAO (National Accordion Organization of the UK) and the BCA (British College of Accordionists), as well as advertisements, reader letters, and, of course, a tribute to the new queen. Sounds like the Rolling Stone of its day.


  1. Not many people today know this, but Queen Elizabeth had accordion lessons in the 1940s, when she was still Princess Elizabeth. Her grandsons, Princes William and Harry also were taught the accordion, whilst pupils at Eton, by the late Cyril Pasby.

    Rob Howard
    Stockport, England

  2. Does anyone know of anybody who has back copies of Accordion Magazine that was published from 1948-1958 that would be willing to part with a few of them for a moderate price. I have an 80 year old accordion playing friend who would love to have copies from that era. Thank you.