New Discussion Forum: is a new discussion forum for accordion players that I found via the Accordion Guy’s blog. Share news, promote gigs, swap tips, buy/sell gear, or just hobnob with your fellow squeezeboxers. It’s only been running for about a week, so spread the word and hopefully it’ll attract a critical mass of accordion enthusiasts.

Some other good places to rub elbows with accordionists online:

  • Reyes Accordions forum
    Part of the excellent Reyes Accordions site, this is probably the best tex-mex/conjunto/norte?o accordion forum around. Lots of knowledge players (Joel Guzman drops in occasionally) and resources for beginners.
  • AccordionFreedomForum
    A more general accordion forum hosted on Yahoo Groups. Members frequently share their own recordings (which are usually pretty good!) with the group.
    All polka, all the time. Sometimes gets sidetracked by polka community politics, but even those discussions are strangely interesting.
  • Cajun Accordion Discussion Group
    Lots of good cajun/zydeco accordion news and tips, straight from the Bayou.

This is by no means an exhaustive list — just a few of my favorites, all of which have a pretty good signal-to-noise ratio. Leave a comment below if you have any other good ones to share.


  1. I would like info on a Continental Accordian. That is the only name it has on it. It is in fine condition. It has 32 buttons, l0 black keys and 15 ivory keys, the color is red. Who made it? Approx. age? Approx value? I have pictures of it that anyone can see.



  2. Wil, I’d recommend taking it to your nearest accordion shop for an appraisal. It’s very difficult to judge based on looks alone — you really need to hear how it sounds. (There are a lot of old accordions that look good, but sound… less than ideal.)

  3. I bought an accordion last week. However, when I play both the bass and piano side, the bass music overpowers the keyboard music. What am I doing wrong? Is it my accordion? I have scoured the internet for an answer but came up with nothing. Please Help. Thanks.

  4. I was wondering if there is any trick to moving your hands across the bass keys easier. I find it difficult when I am playing B flats, F’s, and C’s and I have to move over to Dm’s and A7’s.

  5. I can’t think of any trick, Jon, except to practice. Over time, your muscles will learn the distance between the buttons and it’ll become second nature. But it just takes a lot of practice.

  6. I bought a Hohner Nova II/72 – C-system, but never played a tune – have trouble learning the fingering and
    decided to stick to my diatonic button boxes.
    Anybody interested in buying? Comes with the HOHNNER tags still attached, a soft bag/rucksack, a
    very expensive manual (in german, sorry), Hohner
    straps – all brand new.
    As far as workmanship, sound and operation is concerned, take my word for it – it is first class.

  7. Is it B or C griff?
    Where are you located?
    and what is the price of the instrument?


  8. I have inherited my mother’s Diek accordion, 24 ivory…starts on F and ends on A, and 17 ebony…F# to Ab. Where could I find any info about this instrument..who made it, when it might have been made, what it might be worth? I do have pics. I’m a keys and guitar player and really don’t want to try to learn to play this at 62. It oughta be in a good home somewhere. Can you help?

  9. I am looking for other accordionists to play along with. I live in Fareham Hampshire. Any offers?

  10. Jill – Just came across you Diek accordion question. I too just received one of these with 24 white keys, 120 bass and 2 treble shifts. Did you learn anything about your mother’s accordion that you could share with me? I cannot find anything on this accordion. Thanks. Ron