Learn a Tarantella Online

A few months ago, I wrote about an Italian accordion school (called Accademia del Mantice) that was offering diatonic accordion classes online. I couldn’t find any sample videos at the time, but I recently found this clip of a lesson called “Tarantella Riggitana”. It’s no substitute for a live, in-person accordion lesson, but it looks promising. If you can’t find a teacher in your area, this might be a worthwhile alternative.


  1. Have people been gushing about insane coolness of this blog? If not, the world is a sad place.

    I’ve been thinking about starting an electro clash-polka group. Is there anything like that out there?

  2. Hmm… I know of a few punk-polka groups (Polkacide, Polkaholics), a surf-polka group (The Serfs), and some other weird hybrids, but I haven’t heard any electro clash-polka groups yet. I think you’d be creating a whole new genre!

    And if you need any accordionists for your band, I know where you could find a couple…

  3. The Polka I’ve ever hered!

  4. That is awesome! I play a piano accordion, but that is still the coolest thing ever! I wish there were more educational content available online for free. I think this could be a great idea.

  5. If you like that, check out Nick’s Cajun Button Box Seminar. It’s also for button accordions, but it has some great (free) video lessons for beginning cajun/zydeco accordion players.

  6. I started playing tarantella with Diatonic Academy online classes!



  7. I even danced the Tarantella once or twice! And now I am (more or less) playing it! Those videos are useful indeed. I reccomend it.

  8. Glad to hear so many people are enjoying those courses. You guys will have to post some videos of your progress!

    By the way, someone from the school emailed me to say that they’ve added some new sample videos to their site. Check ’em out.

  9. I’m a recent retiree and just learning to play the diatonic accordion. My dad had his own band where he played button accordion and violin after work at different clubs in NY and CT way back in the 20s and 30s. I’m just now learning how to play the button box and it’s not easy. I would greatly like to see more button box teaching videos online. I’ve recently bought two beautiful sounding and looking button accordions. Tried fixing dad’s accordion by replacing the leather wrist and thumb straps but, too many things needed repair (buttons were all different levels of loudness and tuning, bellows leaked, etc.).
    Finally found a piano accordion instructor who wants me to learn to play the accordion by reading the music. Wow, there are several buttons for each note depending on whether the bellows are going in or out. There must be an easier way. My e-mail address is: RLBlechner4@sbcglobal.net .
    I’ve got two different types of button accordions. One is a Club (2 1/2 row diatonic in keys of C/F with 30 treble buttons and 8 bass). The other is a Petromilli, a Slovenian tuned 40 button Bb, Eb, Ab accordion with 11 helicon bass buttons.