Italian Accordion Academy Classes Online

Want to learn the diatonic (button) accordion, but can’t leave the house? The Italian Accordion Academy has the answer for you!

The Academy has started offering online courses for diatonic accordion. Each lesson is dedicated to a specific tune and includes video, audio clips, exercises and tips for improving your technique. The lessons are available in both Italian and English and all you need is a web browser. You’ll learn not only Italian folk music, but also French waltzes, Spanish fandangos, Irish jigs, and klezmer tunes. (There seem to be audio clips on the site, but I couldn’t get them to work.) Contact the Academy for more information and send us a review if you try their lessons.


  1. I emailed them to ask some questions about the courses and recieved a very nice, lengthy response in English a few hours later. If I decide to try one out I’ll let you know more.

  2. wow! that’s so cool! i might just take up button accordion just to take those classes online!

  3. Sounds cool, Ian! Let us know how it goes.

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  5. Hi! The course is great. I’ve found it first on an italian website. It suits me and my long taking effort to learn the accordeon! About the teacher: he is such a nice guy, and finds the time to answer my desperate emails when I struggle over the buttons. So patient!
    letspolka! Cool site!

  6. That’s great to hear, Barbara. Good luck with those lessons!

  7. i have accordion of paolo soprani and i would like to know some informations

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  10. the online lessons are great! I am learning new and nice tunes! thanks letspolka!!!

  11. We have a button accordion for sale, excellent condition, Hohner Corona II, model 3522. Please e-mail if you are interested.