Accordion How-To Videos

Expert Village bills itself as the “world’s largest how-to video site,” but even I was surprised to find their series on learning to play the accordion. The 15-part series (each part is about 3 minutes) is led by Brett Larsen, a middle-school teacher who plays in the Santa Barbara band, Spencer the Gardener. The series is very basic — “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is one of the tunes taught — but you can’t beat the price (free). Here’s a clip:

If you’re interested in more advanced video lessons for the diatonic accordion, check out our previous post on the Italian Accordion Academy online.

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  1. I just saw a notice about Daniel Payne’s vid for Newfoundland accordion (three-row button box).

    Includes printable tabulature of all the tunes. This DVD is made to play with accordions tuned to D, C, or G.