LynnMarie: Done With Polka?

A post-Grammy press release from LynnMarie, titled “LynnMarie is Donning Her Party Dress and is Ready to Move On,” suggests that the four-time polka Grammy nominee is branching out beyond her polka roots:

“Polka got me to the party, but now I want to get out there and start making music with and for people who think and create beyond the safety net of pigeonholing… Creatively, this experience is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m excited to be moving on to bigger and better things in my career.”

Makes sense to me — Party Dress was closer to country than polka and I think she has the talent and drive to be successful in any genre (okay, opera might be a stretch). As long she keeps playing that button box, we’ll be listening!

Update: LynnMarie has posted a personal letter to her fans and friends in the polka community in which she discusses her future plans.

[Found via TDA’s Wall of Wheeze]

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  1. I’m not surprized…her sound may have polka roots…but I don’t think it’s really “polka” enough to consider it POLKA MUSIC…the cuts I heard were actually more of a 70’s disco style beat. That’s cool. There comes a time for some artists to break out of the box…let’s hope she doesn’t put down the (squeeze) ‘box in the process….but that would be allright, too…artistic freedom. I once saw button accordion maestro Steve(Esteban) Jordan play guitar pretty much all night long…and he was great!