Polka Side of the Moon

“We don’t need no education… we don’t need no thought control…” But what we do need are more bands like Polka Floyd, which plays — you guessed it — polka-style covers of Pink Floyd songs. There’s a rough clip of “Another Brick in the Wall” up on their MySpace page and it’s actually not half-bad. Polka fans might recognize two of the band’s members (accordionist Eric Hite and drummer Frank Dramczyk) from Eddie Biegaj’s Crusade.

If you’re in the Toledo area and have always wanted to hear Dark Side of the Moon with a 2/4 beat, you can catch Polka Floyd tonight at Mickey Finn’s Pub.


  1. there is a certain joy in making sport of a band like pink floyd…when I was in high school, all the ‘heads’ took that stuff way too seriously…. but I can’t imagine listening to polka floyd for more than a few minutes.

  2. True. That’s the problem with most novelty bands — eventually, the novelty wears off.