Flickr Find: Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware
uploaded by h. wren
I love this old 1930s Wurlitzer accordion ad. Only the first few lines of text are shown, but it appears to be warning prospective accordion shoppers against the scourge of foreign-made instruments. But what I really love is the matter-of-fact introduction: “For fun, fame and profit play the accordion.” Ah… so that explains the proliferation of rich and famous accordionists everywhere. Sign me up!


  1. Since listening to (yes) Tom Waits, I’ve wanted to get a used accordion and learn some fundamentals. I’ve played piano on and off for years, but now mostly guitar.

    My question: I recently purchased a used Wurlitzer accordion that appears to be in working order. However, it has a strange-looking steel or aluminum bracket with three identical tabs sticking straigh out of the piano/keyboard. The bracket is attached with three small screws and hooks onto another metal piece that goes under the back material. It appears to be finished, but this bracket looks like it’s part of something that is missing.

    It either has to be modified, or I have to find a replacement piece. Does anyone know what that would be?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


  2. Hmm… I’m having trouble visualizing that bracket. It could be part of the mechanism used for switching reeds on the treble side. Do you have a photo?

    Speaking of Tom Waits, a local accordion teacher (Henri Ducharme) used to have an ensemble accordion class that exclusively played Tom Waits music. Check here for a sound clip.