Flickr Find: Vintage Galanti Ad

Galanti 1948
uploaded by Al Q
“Tried the rest? Now try the Best!” I love this vintage (circa 1948) Galanti Accordion ad. With a name like “Super Dominator”, you could take on anything with this accordion. A Pietro Frosini solo? No problem. A vicious street gang? I’m not worried — I’ve got my “Super Dominator”!

Galanti Accordions was founded by Antonio Galanti in the late 19th century in Mondaino, Italy. His sons Domenico, Egidio and Robusto carried on their father’s work, building an accordion factory (“Fratelli Galanti”), and then later bringing the accordions to America (hence the “R. Galanti and Bro., Inc, New York” on the ad). According to this history, as musical tastes changed, the company turned their focus to electronic instruments (organs, even electric guitars) in the late 1950s.


  1. are galanti accordions worth anything?

  2. Depends on the age, model, and condition. I’ve seen some Galanti accordions on eBay that still appear to be in excellent condition (I haven’t played them myself, though).

  3. Hallo,
    I’m writing from Mondaino (Italy), the small village where the accordion was made.
    Galanti made accordions from 1923 to 1969. The Super Dominator was the best of the production at the end of 1940 and at the start of 1950.
    I have also a brochure (english) with a description of the accordion, in you send me your e-mail I can send you the photo.
    The Galanti Super Dominator was the best accordion of the world at the end of 1940.

  4. I have a Galanti Brothers Aristocrat accordian that was my aunts when she was a young child. she is 87 now. she used to play it at weddings with my uncle and mother (played violin). We have it in its original case. It is very handsum with a jewel inlay. We are interested in its worth. We have found little info on it and only one similar on ebay. Ant input is appreciated.

  5. Cindy, it’s tough to judge an accordion’s worth without playing it. Most accordions don’t age well, though there are exceptions — particularly if they’re well taken care of. I’d recommend taking it to a local accordion shop (if there’s one in your area) and having them do an appraisal.

  6. I was cleaning out an old home and I found an old Accordian. has a Galanti & Bros. tag on the velvet case. It has Mother of Pearl all over it. do you have have any contact info for someone who could tell me how much it is worth? Thanks Paul

  7. The best place to get an accurate appraisal would be at a local accordion shop or club. Where do you live?

  8. I have a galanti accordian but i’m not sure of it’s age. I think it’s about 70 years old.How do I find out it’s age? Any help would be appreciated.Thank you .

    bernie davis

  9. I had 2 galanti accordions growing up, they used to belong to my cousin. both were stolen from my home 2 years ago. I tried biddin on one that was same model as one i lost and my system went down and i was over bid. My personal opinion of Galanti is that they were the best accordions made at that time. Mine had had some reeds replaced back in 1972 and it still played like brand new before i lost it. My accordions were in excellent condition.

    I am looking to buy at least 1 Galanti accordian.
    if anyone still has any, please email me a picture of what you have and what you are looking for for it. if you’re not sure, i will make you an honest offer.


  10. could you tell me where i could get a motherof pearl (all over) accordion valued.its in excellent condition,thats all i know

  11. Elaine, I’m not sure where you live, but your best bet is to find the nearest accordion shop. A good accordion repairperson should be able to give you an honest appraisal.

  12. I have a Galante; 120 bass 41 keys. 5 treble and 2 bass couplers for sale. In good worki order, reed valves replaced where necessary about 2 months ago.
    Looking for £400.


  13. i have similar problem.galanti accordion,which my late father played from the, fifties upwards ,and would like to find value..cant find any accordian specialists localy…newcastle on tyne..any help or advice or nearest specialist would be gratefull…..thanks

  14. My dad has a Galanti Accordion that is approx. 70 years old. 4 stops on the keyboard, 36 keys, 2 stops with 120 push buttons on the accompaniment, ivroy in color. Any ballbark figure as to what it may be worth?

  15. I recently found a Galanti Accordion that I think was dumped by burgerlers thinking it was not going to be worth anything or perhaps it was too unusual to be sold locally by them. Anyway I know nothing about accordions except it has 120 buttons on one side, the strap is very worn and held together with a shoelace, it has beautiful decoration on it like rhinestones and the word GALANTI is written in these also, it is black in colour and it weighs a ton!

  16. i recently purchased a “Favoright” accordion, but am unable to find any evidence that such a brand ever existed. It was allegedly made in the 40’s. anyone know anything about them?

  17. I have a accordian purchased in the 1950s. On the back it reads Francini made in Italy with these numbers C55136 and B53885 It is in mint condition and so is the case. It is all white mother of pearl just beautiful. any idea of the value of this accordian for insurance purposes?

  18. Hi edith. Did you ever get any information on the Francini accordion? I have been unsuccessful in tracking down any info re a Francini accordion. thanks much!

  19. I have a Galanti accordion that I cant seem to get a consistent appraisal for. Its in good condition, looks beautiful, but has one sticky key. It is dated in the late 40’s. the keys are yellowing, but it plays nicely. Both accordion shops are very eager to buy it, but also claim its worth is only $75 and $100… Is my naivety of the instrument being taken advantage of here? Please email if you have any advice! Open to interested buyers as well!

  20. Michelle,

    That valuation sounds a little low, but without having seen or played it, it’s tough to say for sure. Unfortunately, old accordions generally don’t age well. Check out this piece on researching old accordions — it pretty well sums up the advice I would give:


  22. I have a galanti bros accorgion it is imbeded wit either rinestones or diamonds dont really know the age it is in its original velvet case plays well sounds nice, wondering what kind of price it would bring.i live in canada .

  23. I have a galanti accordion I bought in 1975. It has a tag on it saying custom built for bill tartini. Any info on i

  24. I have a super dominator for sale made in the 60s double cassotto habd made reeds in excellent condition £1375-00

  25. I have a Galanti Grebe accordion with 20 white keys, 14 black keys and 72 bass buttons (6 rows of 12). It comes in a sturdy carrying case. Any idea how much it might be worth?

  26. i have a Galanti 30s or 40s accordion 72 bass, its red mother of pearl with the red mother of pearl semi octave keys the other keys are cream and the face is cream mother of pearl the 2 couplers are red mother of pearl the bellows are cream with a red diamond its immaculate as new its got red and cream leather straps, the case is a bit worn but its still good i want to sell so good offers considered i can post photos

  27. I have a accordion with inbeded rinestone or diamond . It is a galanti .1930’s .exellent condition also johnny meijer is inbeded with diamond.want to sell. exellent condition, need to know how much it worth.Thank you.

  28. Have an accordian that says it was made in Minerva, Italy, the serial# is M4264, Polka King. Can you tell me approx. what this would be worth?


  30. I’m hoping you can tell us what what our Galanti accordian is worth and the age. 120 black buttons, 17 black and 24 white keys. One of the black buttons, however, is rhinestone. Serial # is 14811. It’s in good condition as kept in a black hard case.

  31. I have a Galanti Accordion from my great grandmother. plays well is in pretty good condition. 41 keys, 120 bass, plus 3 white octave buttons on the key board side. black with nice decoratives on it. original red velvet hard case which is a little worn on the edges outside.
    trying to get a appraisal done.

  32. I have a vintage Francini accordian.It has 24 white keys and 17 black keys. It is some kind of pearl or mother of pearl finish and the only number I can find on it is B18470. It is in good condition, kept in a velvet lined case. Can someone tell me what this is worth or nwhere I can get some information? Not sure how to get this appraised.

  33. hello, please ,i look for galanti dominator 120 white color, I pay cash, thanks , i live in london, my number is 075336994,,,,,

  34. I think I may have what you are looking for . E mail me and I will send you some photos.

  35. i look for galanti dominator 120 white color. i pay cash, my fone , 07533699422,,,

  36. Looking for info on Francini accordion model# c12547 year built any other info available. Thank you Dean

  37. Ich suche Akkordeon Galanti Super Dominator weisse Farbe. Galanti Super Dominator Accordion Seeking white color.
    Meine e-mail:

  38. I’m curious to the value of my 1970 custom built in Italy, Titan all mother of pearl accordion in it’s original black alligator style case all in excellent almost mint condition. 120 bass buttons, 24 white keys, all kinds of extras.

  39. I have a Galanti accordion with mother of pearl and rhinestone injays.
    If anyone is interested please call 7169923337

  40. I have a Galanti super Dominator from about 1948-1950. But can’t find the value on it. Would anybody happen to know any kind if value on it?

  41. Hey, I have had a Glalanti Super Dominator for a couple of years now, I bought it off an accordion player local to me, I’m very interested in finding another one like it, it is just like a normal Super Dominator only this one is Mother of Pearl but the white keys are black and the black keys are white, sounds beautiful, brilliant compression and such a beautiful tone, I will possibly never part with instrument by choice but would still love to know its value or if theres any other like it out there, might it be a custom?


  42. I have my father’s Galanti Super Nocturne accordian that I can not find any info on. It does have markings that it was made in Italy and that the patent is pending. My father passed on 14 years ago and I would like to sell it, but do not know what it is worth. All I know is he bought it in the late 1930’s.The case is a little raggy outside, but the accordian is in decent shape.

  43. I have a dark deep red galanti ,s piano oaccordin it has on the right side 3 ivory buttons and two fed ones it has 24 white keys and 17 black keys and 120 little black buttons,. It has a ivory lable on it with a gold g in the centre of it. it is in a black case when opened it red velvet inside ,its in a one condision trying to find a buyer for it. thank you ,by W vanhout 2012