The Galanti Super Dominator

Galanti Super Dominator AccordionA few months ago, I wrote about a vintage Galanti accordion ad promoting their Super Dominator line of accordions. Recently, an Italian reader sent me a Galanti brochure from the same period (around 1950), as well as a photo of his own Super Dominator. According to the brochure:

“This sensitive musical instrument will outperform any other comparable accordion. It is the supreme achievement of the Galanti artisans… the culmination of a half-century of musical craftsmanship.”

The ads don’t lie — this was an excellent accordion and one of the world’s best during its time. (Thanks Alberto!)

Galanti Super Dominator Ad


  1. i have a gallanti super dominator accordian in perfect condition and can agree that she is a trully beautiful accordion to play great dynamics and quick keyboard action a trully remarkable piece of craftwork,i am not sure if the reeds are handbuilt and would love to find out more about her i can provide a photo if you would like to display her

  2. Thanks Neil! Everyone I’ve talked to who has a Galanti has nothing but good things to say about them. Hope I get a chance to play one sometime!

  3. i have a super dominator i had it for 20years and play in an accordion band it is a loverly instrument

  4. I bought my Galanti super dominator accordian in 1948
    when I was 16 years old, and I was a student of Angelo
    Dellaira in Joe Biviano’s studio in New York City. I studied with Angelo because I was a professional musician and wanted to improve in the new jazz idioms
    My accordion has a serial number of 790 and I believe it to be the first super dominator to reach NY. because when I brought it into Galanti check it out, they
    were very excited to examine it & showed me advertising material on it but said they had never seen the instrument itself.( I had bought the instrument new,
    from a friend who got it while in the US Navy in Italy ).
    I have played my super dominator for over 60 years,
    but I haven’t played professionally for about 50 years.
    My accordion is in” like-new” condition, and it has been overhauled recently ( reeds cleaned & rewaxed and
    new leathers installed). I love my Galanti Super Dominator accordion because it has been my best friend for over 60 years and still makes beautiful music.

  5. That’s a great story, Harold! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your Super Dominator continue to make beautiful music for years to come.

  6. i have Galanti Custom Accordion and would like to know how much it”s worth It ssems to be in good working order

  7. i have Galanti Custom Accordion and would like to know how much it”s worth It ssems to be in good working order (just ball park)

  8. i have a galanti super dominator accordion, i am 43 now my late father eddie connolly bought it for me when i was 16, i would like to know the value of it, but i am not interested in selling, its just for insurance purposes,
    imelda connolly

  9. Hi! am from Russia. Several ears before we biught Galanti. The accordeon was sent from italy. it’s really perfect accordion, it has a wonderful,loudsound. also thi music instrument looks reaaly gracious. usually i participate music connpetitions and festivals with this accordion, and get the main price. this instrument gives me a luck.
    i’m sorry for my bad english, because of i can’t practice it in moscow, so i forget it.

  10. Meu Galanti Super Dominator, fabricado no mes de abril de 1949, ele tem o numero de Serie 5327, em perfeitas condiçoes de uso, não sei se é o melhor, mas, acho que é unico, pelo mecanismo impecavel, o campo armonico incrivel, e a atensão dispensada em cada detalhe inovador pela sua epoca de fabricação, que não tem similar neste genero.

  11. I have a custom Galanti accordion with the name and address of the owner on it (inlayed) and is in, I think, good working condition. I am interested in getting a value on it and am also interested in selling it.Could you steer me to an appraiser and a place to make a sale?
    Thanking You in advance for your help, M. Bennett

  12. I have a Rubens 120 bass/5-key accordion that is in excellent condition. Could anyone tell me about when they stopprd making the Rubens, and what a fair market vaue would be today?

  13. I also have a Super Dominator. It is very unique in that it has a Chromatic Base register which makes the first 3 bass rows “free base”. It is a well used instrument. I just had major service work completed including leather work, service of all moving parts (registers, etc.) and some spot tuning. While bellows are airtight, I plan to replace them soon. With time (and money), I plan to systematically restore the instrument.

    My repair person looked at the hand cut reeds and seem to be awestruck.

    It has a big voice, yet the most delicate passages can be played.


  15. I own a120 bass white pearl Galanti accordion, which my husband bought for me while we lived in Maryland from 1970 to 1976. It is in very good condition. I can no longer play it and would like to sell it. There are two bass shifts, and three treble shifts. The serial number is:134954 F W 320. I’d like to know the value. I will send pictures if you’d like. Thank you, Maryann Pavlick

  16. i own a superdominator in perfect condition. i would like to sell it because i bought a paolo soprani – super paolo. if any one interested, contact me.

  17. alexandre!

    send me some pictures and how much money you want.
    what country do you live?

  18. Hi there i am 22 years old, a jazz man playing in a restaurant, i have been playing the accordion for 5 years now and i love jazz, i am looking for a galanti super dominator 120 bass.

    Please let me know if you are interested in selling your super dominators i can offer max £1000.


  19. I have a Galanti Super Dominator piano accordion for sale.

    It’s in perfect working condition and is a truly marvellous instrument, with a fantastic sound.
    I would sell it for £1750 ono

  20. I made an error with my email address and have now amended it

  21. I have a super dominator in its original case. I was just wondering what it’s value would be

  22. I have a super dominator in its original case. I was just wondering what it’s value would be?its is in good condition

  23. I have a super dominator in good condition and midi I have two sets of reeds one straight tuned and one musette.I will sell her for £2,200

  24. Did you sell your G. S.D? If not, could you send me some pictures of it with a picture looking down at the top. I want to see the strap holder(s). Also, other than C on the bass side what other notes are marked if any. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thanks.

  25. How are you. We at Citi Pawn In West Palm Beach FL
    Have a good condition 100% working properly In The Original Case Galanti Super Dominator Accordion! I would say around the 1950’s age. If any one is interested Please contact us! @ 561-683-5040.
    Talk with Val Manager. Thank you have a great day.