Maria Dunn’s Good People

Maria DunnApparently no one in America is blogging about Canadian folk singer/accordionist Maria Dunn, so we’ll just have to do it ourselves. Born in Scotland and raised in Ontario and Alberta, Dunn brings characters to life in original music that pays homage to her Celtic roots and Canadian upbringing.

Her most recent album, We Were Good People, is practically a Ken Burns documentary of turn-of-the-century Alberta, painting vivid pictures of farmers, soldiers, and day laborers struggling to get by. But it’s no dry history lesson; Dunn’s sharp, inspiring lyrics are backed by eclectic instrumentation that toes the line between Celtic and bluegrass beautifully.

This track, “Can You Blame the Poor Miner?”, pays tribute to beleaguered Crow’s Nest Pass miners during Prohibition:

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  1. The Crowsnest Pass, in southwest Alberta, is one of my favourite places. I go there to chase trout with a fly rod. You can still see plenty of evidence of the coal mining history of the area should you drive through it to Fernie on the BC side.

    The Maria Dunn cut is beautiful. Thanks.