The Three Suns Shine On

Let’s jump into the time machine and set a course for the 1940s, when pop accordion/guitar/organ trio The Three Suns were topping the charts with “Twilight Time” and their cover of “Peg o’ My Heart.” Now a favorite of lounge music aficionados, the group had a very successful run through the mid-1960s, spawning imitators and even appearing in the feature film, Two Gals and a Guy.

Check out this video of the group’s original lineup (Artie Dunn on organ/vocals, Al Nevins on guitar, and his brother Morty Nevins on accordion) performing “Beyond the Blue Horizon.” For more on The Three Suns, don’t miss Michael Toth’s exhaustive history of the group.

[Found via Weirdo Video]


  1. Hey, that’s fine – another accordion blog!

    I just posted the 1995 CD-reissue of the Suns’ Twilight Memories. My main focus is on the accordion, but also on other related hand blown free-reed instruments, such as the bandon?on or the concertina.

    Cheers, Squeezo

  2. Wow! Excellent site, squeezo! Thanks for sharing that Three Suns album.