iTunes for Accordion?

iTunesThe beauty of online music services like iTunes is that they offer instant access to hard-to-find music. No waiting, no standing in line, no condescending looks from record store clerks when you’re picking up the latest polka CD (ahem)… just instant gratification for music lovers. But even iTunes’ vast catalog has some holes — particularly when it comes to solo and ensemble accordion music.

Accordionist Lenny Feldmann (the “Cordeen Man”) is trying to fill those holes, though, with his own all-accordion online music service. Just like iTunes, you can listen to samples, buy entire albums or mix and match tracks at 99 cents a pop. There are currently over 200 tracks available, including selections by Frank Marocco, Zevy Zions, and the Accordion Pops Orchestra. It’s definitely worth checking out and, hopefully, the selection will continue to grow over time.


  1. Great Website !

  2. This is great news.
    Lenny has been a close friend for many years.

    He has always been on the forefront of major developments. Here he is again!

    But, then again, that’s JUST like him.

    Talented guy, in many many ways.

  3. Lenny Feldmann, my adopted son is a virtuoso accordionist who took the place of my departed son under strange coincidence. I am 90 years old and still playing accordion gigs. See website, love, Jack Swenningsen

  4. Please put me on your mailing list……………
    Regards, Ed Suterko

  5. Jack,
    What a great Blog. I am 75 years old (just a kid) and have come back to the Accordion after 49 years. As a matter of fact, just to let you know how serious I am, I just came back from Warren, MI and bought a new Beltuna Leader IV Gold Accordion from John Castigleone. I am also taking lessons from Gary Dahl and improving ever day. Many songs are coming back to me and with the help of Lenny and the Fake Book he let me download, I am really having fun again. I look forward to receiving your words of wisdom.