Texas Polka Bandleader Missing

Bobby JonesBobby Jones — leader and accordion player for the Bobby Jones Czech Band in Wharton, Texas — has been missing for the past four days. Jones was last seen on Friday evening and didn’t turn up for his Saturday morning polka radio show at KULP (1390 AM) in El Campo, Texas.

The Bobby Jones Polka Band has been a mainstay of the Southeast Texas polka circuit for nearly 26 years and has even made appearances on RFD-TV’s Big Joe Polka Show. Jones also hosts a popular radio show seven days a week, playing a mix of polka and western swing.

If you have any information about Bobby’s whereabouts, get in touch with the Wharton Country Sheriff’s Department.


  1. L – I believe the rumors started LONG ago when he “supposedly” disappeared. The only reason why everyone here is questioning his family and why they have not gone public about any concerns they have about their brother/uncle/cousin… is because… when someone goes missing, the first thing you usually see is their picture plastered all over television stations, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?” Yeah, it was on the news a few times.. but then nothing.. the local newspapers would print an article once a month or so, but even that has stopped. Why would you want every trace of your loved one to disappear with your loved one?? Makes no sense… lately rumors have been flying.. he was seen in Czechoslovakia by a friend of mine who has a friend who went there… blah blah.. He was in New York where his sister lived… they may all be rumors… but if thats all we have and no truths… how could one expect anything else?

    What Bobby did and what his family continues to do by not going public is very selfish.

    Just my 2 cents..

    Katheryn F.

  2. Bill – Where did you hear that? From news around Wharton and El Campo – there still has been no sightings and haven’t seen anything in the papers that they found him at all.

  3. I was just wondering…was there ever a memorial service or anything for him?? I did not hear of any and I was just wondering….

  4. This just WAS NOT RIGHT from the beginning.
    I’m just wondering how did we get Bobby Jones in Texas to begin with. How did he land here? Who was he running from then? Folks in case you haven’t noticed BOBBY JONES isn’t Czech. He can not speak the language and has no ancestry to its people. He came to Texas to hide again perhaps, except this time he took on a culture to hide behind.
    The sad part is the Czech people embraced him as one of there own.

    Bobby was spotted again playing polka in the Czech Republic. He was seen by a neighbor. They were at a dance where he was playing. He noticed them too. After making a few laps they went to talk to him, he disappeared again.

    So…Bobby is now a Felon on the lamb in a different country. Too many sightings already. Bobby your just not that very clever.

    That is why the search is off. The authorities know it was a faked death. The question now lies when will he ever be brought to justice.

    His family isn’t saying a word because he has done this more than once before. So don’t give me any BS about feelings for Bobby’s family crap. They are part of it now. They are withholding plenty of information about his past.

    If I ever see him myself… He better run.
    He made a mockery out of Texas Czech Music.
    Therefore it is now a personal matter to me.

    Bobby I hope your looking around every corner you turn, because one of the corners you turn one day you will find me. And you will wish you’d never set foot in Texas.

    Folks! Wake up!!!!!
    There is a Sheep in Wolf’s clothing out there.
    And his name is “Bobby Jones”.
    Bobby Jones is NOT a king of anything.
    He’s simply a impostor.
    Unfortunately some of you were taken.

    Now if they would just release all the data from his personal computer linking him to homosexual chat rooms and gambling sites that he embraced we could finally bury him like he needs to be.

    YOUR tax dollars have paid for this investigation finding only the makings of a faked death.

    The family is not speaking about him. Really now.
    I might be a Texan but I’m not a fool.


  5. Who ARE you Mr./Ms. Texas Czech? Why are you hiding behind that title?
    You’ve shown how little you know about Bobby Jones and embarrassed those of us who are really Texas Czechs and enjoy polka music- Bobby’s, the Dujka’s, Red Ravens, CTS, Mark Halata or whoever.
    If we walk around a corner and see Bobby, you can be sure we’ll hug him big time and say “Welcome back, friend.”
    Our sincere hope is that Bobby is alive somewhere taking care of whatever business he needed to take care of and will be back with us soon.

  6. We agree with the Faldyns. To bad that Mr/Ms.
    Texas Czech is so full of hate. If you have
    something to say go ahead and say it, but in
    doing so use your real name.

  7. To “Texas Czech”. Isn’t it great to live in a free country where bigots can make slandering accusations of someone who is not able to defend one’s self? I have to wonder what would drive someone to write such hateful words about a person that they have obviously never met. I would challenge anyone who has ever really known Bobby to come away from meeting him with anything but admiration and respect. Bobby’s ability to make every acquaintance feel that you were instantly transformed to his special “best” friend will be his legacy. I, for one, am a better person having known Bobby. Bobby, may God Bless you.
    CJ Jozwiak

  8. It’s too bad Mr & Ms Czech who wrote to your website on January 28 don’t have the guts to give their names. I feel sorry for someone who cannot understand that possible Bobby had some problems he could not handle. He certainly does not sound like a fan or that he even knew Bobby and is sticking his opinions into other people[‘s business. I don’t know where he got his information about Bobby’s personal problems but it seems to me that should be his own business. Our son was gay and was infected with Aids and died in 1995. I hope Bobby is wherever he is happy. We miss him very much. More power to

    Gene & Rosie

  9. People who write such “manure”, and are too AFRAID to leave their real name don’t belong here. I am very proud to have known Bobby, and will forever call him my friend. If the “rumors” are true, would anyone really care? I would bet that Mr/Mrs Czech has more than a few skeletons in their own closet since they hide behind a fake name. I am not Czech either, and there are plenty who are that have welcomed me. Whatever you want to call Bobby Jones, he is still my friend, and the friend of most on this website. You, Mr/Mrs Czech are the lowest form on this earth! You are the one who needs to leave Texas, so here’s a shovel Mr/Mrs Czech, dig yourself straight to HELL. The King of Darkness waits to embrace you.

    Sheila Wrobliski

  10. Okay, I’m going to cut things off here before they get even further out of hand. If I hear any more news on Bobby, I’ll post something and people can comment there. In the meantime, let’s remember how much joy his music gave us and hope that he’s still out there safe, somewhere.