The Bobby Jones Mystery

Bobby JonesA few months ago, we wrote about the sudden disappearance of Bobby Jones, popular polka DJ and accordionist for the Bobby Jones Czech Band. Since then, we’ve received numerous emails and comments from friends and fans of Bobby who remember the joy and music he brought to their lives.

As KHOU in Houston reported this week, though, we’re still no closer to finding out what happened to Bobby. Tire tracks and his license plate were found on the banks of the Colorado River in Wharton shortly after his disappearance, but an extensive search has failed to turn up his vehicle. Was it an accident? Was it suicide? Or is he still alive and somewhere else entirely? Fans have been frustrated by the lack of answers, but in some ways, it seems like the mystery has only served to further build the legend of Bobby Jones.


  1. Where can I buy any of his CDs or DVDs

  2. Back on Nov 22 I wrote you where I could purchase
    Bobby Jones CDs I have not heard from you.please let me know if they are still available or not.
    Thank You
    Dick Mill

  3. The vehicial of Bobby Jones has just been pulled from the lower colorado river in Garwood Texas, not sure if he was inside of vehicle yet.

  4. Where can I buy one of Bobby Jones cd?