Accordion Conquers European Dancefloors

The accordion has always been the ultimate dance/party instrument and this video for “Heater” by Samim confirms it. This minimal techno track was one of the summer’s biggest club hits, tearing up dance floors from Ibiza to Berlin. Bruce over at Accordion Noir sent us the video, which features a prominent accordion sample from the classic Colombian cumbia, “La Cumbia Cienaguera.”


  1. Nice job tracking down that cumbia reference. I knew I’d heard that somewhere.

    We’re only doing polkas on Accordion Noir for a three-week fund-drive at our station, but after that I’m gonna try to track down the 1950 version of this to play with this new one. Should be fun.

    Thanks for squeezin’!

  2. enjoyed this site very much….a great variety of
    artists and sounds,keep up the good work and always keep me informed in the world of polkas,
    accordions,and concertinas, harmonica too if you have them….good bye now and God Bless.
    Edwin Peter Suterko

  3. Thanks Edwin!