International Accordion Festival Wrapup

This year’s International Accordion Festival in San Antonio has come and gone, but thanks to the magic of the interweb, we can live vicariously through reports and photos from folks who were actually there. Some highlights:

  • On his blog, Joe Nick Patoski has an excellent writeup on the festival, along with photos of the opening night concert that featured Santiago Jimenez, Jr. and Chango Spasiuk.
  • The festival’s hometown paper, the San Antonio Express-News, has a recap of the first two days. Their Night Lights Now blog includes a bunch of photos and hands out festival awards that include “Most radically altered accordion” and “Best dressed band.”
  • Those Darn Accordions have a couple posts about the festival on their blog, including some photos of their workshop, “Calling All Accordion Grrrrls!”
  • Mister Anchovy has a ton of great photos from his trip to the festival, including some from a side-trip to Louisiana.
  • Kay Douglas has some fantastic photos of the festival, with descriptions of many of the bands.

Were you there, too? Drop us a line if you have any photos or videos of the festival and we’ll add the links here.


  1. I’ve put a bunch of photos up over at my place too. The festival was fantastic!!

  2. Thanks! I’ve updated the post with a link to your photos. Looks like it was a blast!