eBay Find: Civil War-Era Flutina

FlutinaEarlier this evening, I stumbled across an interesting item on eBay: a Civil War-era flutina. Flutinas were a predecessor to the diatonic button accordion, with one or two rows of treble buttons and no basses.

Often made in France (though the name “flutina” came from the English), they’re sometimes seen in old daguerreotypes and tin-types as they were used as photographers’ studio props here in America during the mid-1800s. (They made subjects appear more cultured, even if those subjects didn’t actually play the flutina.)

The flutina in this auction appears to be in good condition, rarely played, and with all leaks repaired. Place a bid and play some tunes for the troops at your next Civil War re-enactment.


  1. Thanks for featuring my sale…it was actually picked up by a really interesting civil war museum in Fredricksburg VA….worth a look if you’re in the area. Looks like a very good match, they promise to have someone play it from time to time.

    Here’s the museum website…I have no financial links to them…it just looks like a really interesting place.


    Thanks for pointing folks with an interest in old instruments at this.


  2. That’s great news, Doug! Sounds like a perfect home for it.