Son of a Contino: Pete Contino

The apple never falls far from the tree… or accordion, I guess. While poking around YouTube the other day, I stumbled across a video of the Pete Contino Band. That’s right: Pete is the son of Mr. “Lady of Spain” himself, Dick Contino. Pete toured as a drummer with his father for nearly fifteen years, but now plays accordion with his own band in a style he describes as “acoustic blues with a touch of zydeco.” After putting out his first solo album (Push It) in 2005, Pete has a collaboration with his father coming out later this year. Simply called Contino, the new album features a mix of jazz, blues, rock, latin and more.

Based in Las Vegas, Pete and his band often play at Brendan’s Irish Pub, located at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. Here’s a live clip of the Pete Contino Band doing “Hot Tamale Baby”:

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  1. Pete was one helluva drummer. We were in bands together back in the ’80s and hung out alot. As a drummer, he could really find “the pocket” and there was a pop to his snare that could really anchor a song. I believe his sister Diedre is also a professional musician for the last decade or so, singing in a blues band.