Accordion Crackdown in Norway

File this one under “Buskers Gone Bad”: Police in Tromsø, Norway, are cracking down on accordion street musicians after fielding numerous complaints from residents. Police chief Truls Fyhn says:

“The reports we’ve had indicate that people are being driven mad by the tunes coming from the accordions all day long… I have myself stopped to listen, and let me make it clear: The quality of the music is very, very low.”

Ouch, that’s a harsh review. According to the article, it’s now only legal to play accordion music outside in the city’s main central square. I think what this town really needs is some better accordion players; who’s up for a trip?


  1. The accordion is an instrument that is not very easy to play well, and very, very easily played badly. It is the easy/bad players who give the instrument such a bad name. As Galla-Rini said, with any other instrument, they blame the player. With the accordion, they blame the instrument!

    The only solution is to pick up our accordions and practice well until we raise the public opinion to great heights!

  2. very disturbing news indeed!