Lil’ Wally vs. Lawrence Welk

What would happen if the king of Chicago-style polka met the king of champagne music? It actually happened back in 1966 when Lil’ Wally Jagiello performed “Johnny’s Knocking Polka” on the Lawrence Welk Show. I could watch that chemnitzer concertina shake for hours…


  1. very nice!

  2. Hello Anna and Chris,

    very happy to see your blog always dealing about accordion…

    Sylvie Jamet
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  3. Where can I find a video of Lil’ Wally playing “Johnny’s Knocking” on the Lawrence Welk Show?

  4. Sorry Rich, I don’t know. The video we linked to has been removed from YouTube, so you’ll have to track it down somewhere else.

  5. you are doing great. keep it going.