The Mysterious Pianaccord

Robotti PianaccordMore than a year ago, I wrote about a strange stand-up accordion that I found on eBay. I couldn’t find much information about it online, but there appeared to be a handful of them lurking around the country. This week, I got wind of another one: a Robotti Pianaccord that Bill Horton is selling on eBay. Here’s his description:

“It was passed down to me by my Italian grandfather. Unfortunately, he passed away before I got the story on it. Mine is fully functional, and I have enjoyed playing it… I have 2 names on mine. One is Robotti, the other is Pianaccord. I have not been able to find a whole lot of info on these at all… I contacted an appraiser from the antiques roadshow, and he said that the only one he had ever come across was bought by one of his friends as a decorative piece.”

Does anyone out there know more about the history behind these instruments? Are they all made by the same person? (This one has a “Robotti” nameplate, but the ones we saw previously said “Bonvicini”.) Leave a comment if you have any experience with one of these “stand-up” accordions.


  1. Squeezyboy’s covered these too:

    And you could even make your own!

    Somebody brought a homemade one (made out of a poor little Hohner) to our local Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. The fan that ran it was pretty noisy.

    peace bruce

  2. Yeah, I remember seeing that one on Squeezyboy’s site — it’s pretty identical to the Bonvicini we saw before. They look professionally made — not the sort of thing one could (easily) cobble together yourself — and I’m wondering how many were made.

  3. I think there was quite a craze for “chord organs” back in the 60s & 70s. It seemed that every family had one back then (in the UK at least). Bontempi was the ubiquitous name over here.

    I guess that these stand-up accordions were made by quite a few makers, but these must surely have been the deluxe end of the range. I must stress this is just guesswork though.

    We need to keep researching these instruments.

  4. Hi,
    My father, Ernest Bonvicini, invented the “Bonvicini Electrichord” in the late forties. My grandfather, “Lorenzo Bonvicini” began designing accordions and importing them to the the united states as early as 1910. It was “Bonvicini Accordions”, “Worlds oldest and finest”. As things went on my dad thought it was too difficult to play a regular accordion. He got sewed for publicly saying, playing the regular accordion made you “Hunch Backed!” Its in the papers…check it out. Anyway one could avoid becomming “Hunched Back”, by playing the, Bonvicini Electricord.. What ever other name on the accordion you have, is wrong…years later…the name Monarch appeared on the accordion ….thats too, is also wrong…I’ll tell you about it sometime.
    I have a copy of the original New York Patent granted to my father for the development of the Bonvicini Electricord.
    I really love the accordion…thanks for your interest, lets bring it back
    see ya
    \Lorenzo Bonvicini

  5. Thanks for the info, Lorenzo — that’s fascinating! Your father certainly created a one-of-a-kind instrument.

  6. Hi Lorenzo,
    I believe you are the same Lorenzo I emailed about my Bonvicini standup accordian when we purchased it a couple years ago. Now I am interested in selling it – good condition and plays well – Do you know of any interested buyers???

  7. I’m interested, Pat. Pls contact me at lance

  8. I have listed my Standup Accordion again on Ebay if anyone is interested. This is the lowest that I have ever listed it. If you are interested in having one of these mysterious instruments, now is your chance to own one! I have included the link to the listing below:

    Bill Horton

    P.S. Thank you Chris for the opportunity of showing this extraordinary instrument on your website. I have mentioned your website in my listing. Thanks again!

  9. Hi Lance,
    I tried emailing you in response to your December 1st comment, that you are interested in our Bonvicini stand up accordian. My emails are being returned…….would you please verify your email address?
    Pat Wilson

  10. I own a Bonvicini piano’accord it is black an has no other writing on it than the name. does anyone have a clue when it was made? It works great
    and is in mint condition. Any idea what it is worth?

  11. Hi.
    I saw one stand up accordion exactly like this one in Castelfidardo. It was in the Museo internacionale de la Fisarmonica. The Brand is Baldoni Alfredo on that model. Sound is strong.

  12. I have a bonvicini specail denver colorado interested in selling for the right price. perfect condition Phone 702-610-6594 thanks

  13. I have a lorenzo accordian 120 key original case and straps in perfect working order would an estimate to its value its very old

  14. I was given a mint condition accordian, made by Sunrise. It has the case, the straps and everything is like new. About how much would this be worth?

  15. Hello i have an all black stand-up. The only name is L. Bonvicini in glitter letters and below it DENVERCOLO. It seems to be in very good conditionand it works. Can someone tell me more about it. thanks tom

  16. Hello I, would like to know if anyone is intrested in Buying my black stand up accordian from Bonvicini. Pleas call 847-253-0057 if intrested! Thanks Tom.

  17. I’m trying to buy another Bonvicini Stand Up accordion…anybody got one?
    303 818-5052

  18. I have a pianaccord for sale. It is a Robotti and is in nice shape. Make me an offer.

  19. Would love to know from anyone what a Robotti Pianaccord would sell for … orginally theye sold for a little over $1000.

  20. I have a Robotti Accordion. It’s quite beautiful and I am trying to find out what it is valued at. It has piano keys and buttons an is blue – says Robotti New York in scrolly raised lettering. Any ideas. A friend of mine is interested in possibly purchasing it but I have no idea what to charge and there is surprisingly little info on the web.

  21. Also, the Robotti Accordion I have has a stencilled “Made In Italy” on the back and it has 4 levers on it for different modes. It’s in excellent condition. with the straps and a red velvet lined case. Wish I knew how to play it. Any info and value would be helpful. thanks.

  22. I am interested in console accordions. please contact me if you are looking to make some money in selling one. I will pay to have it shipped from wherever.

    thanks a whole bunch

    I hope that we can come to an amicable accord(ion)

    Don von Fleckenstein

  23. I have a Robotti, Stand Up/ Pianaccord. I will sell if a good offer was made. I have done some work on this and had some professional work done. Strong player with a rich mellow sound. I will give further description if interested and plenty of pictures email me at, if interested. Mine looks the same as the one pictured

  24. I took Accordion lessons at Robotti Accordion Academy on Broadway in NYC back in 1947.My teacher was “Primo” I don’t know his last name. The stand up accordion was just being shown at the studio in 1947 and I even tried it when my teacher was not looking. My parents did buy me a Robotti Accordion with 4 levers on the key board side and two leavers on the button side. It was 120 bass and had the Robotti name on it , and made in Italy on the back. It was in a tan suitcase carry cast lined in red velvet and if I remember correctly my Folks paid $600 for it at that time.Any one take lessons in New York back then?

  25. I have just purchased an old worn wooden accordion Im sad to say i know absolutely nothing about them but it intrigued me so I paid 100 dollars for it!! it has the name bocchi. luigi. fabb. S. Fangrazio. Parmense can anyone tell me anything about it??

  26. My uncle purchased a 120 bass Robotti for me in 1947. Four switches on the keyboard side and two on the bass. I have the original invoice dated 3/15/1947 and the guarantee for one year is signed by Joseph Robotti, invoiced by Robotti According Academy. The price was $535.50. I took private lessons at home for four years thereafter and would love to sell this instrument. I would like to hear from you about what you think these instruments are worth.

  27. SECOND THOUGHTS: The Robotti Accordion invoice mentioned above is printed Robotti Accordion Academy 1576 Broadway New York NY, and because the guarantee is signed by Joseph Robotti and the instrument is stamped ‘Made in Italy’ on the back, I believe the Robotti’s (there may have been more than one) ran the school and imported the instruments with their name and logo already affixed. This accordion has wooden reeds and not all accordions do. The cheaper ones use plastic. The music teacher that gave me lessons for four years had an Excelsior. Said he paid a thousand for it around 1949. He charged two dollars and fifty cents for a one hour lesson. That included driving to the house, lugging his accordion up three flights of stairs and dealing with me. His name was Mr. Kuntz. Anyone hear of this man?

  28. Lorenzo, did you go to East High School?

  29. No, Stuyvesant H>S>

  30. Hello – I am looking for a console accordion in good condition. If you might have one to sell – please contact me.

  31. I have a Robotti Pianaccord (stand-up accordion) in working condition. It has both cases for use in transporting and storage. I don’t play it, and would like to see it find a good home. Not sure of the proper value, but willing to entertain reasonable offers!

  32. Email address for the above post is

  33. Hi,

    Can anyone put a price on my accordion? Im learning to play it, it is titano titan, mother of pearlish with half gold keys on the piano part. If someone can help me out, I’ll send them a picture!


  34. My husband has a Gem Accordian made in Italy by a Sam Kerri he was wondering what it’s approximate worth might be

  35. I purchased this instrument from 20th century props in Los Angeles when they went out of business. I have it at my home. It was used in the movie men in black ll being played by one of the worms. When I bought it it did not work but I had it repaired at dave’s accordion in silver lake, ca. It works fabulously now.

  36. I’m interested in buying a console accordion for my church’s studio in Austin. Please contact me at Thanks.

  37. Please contact me if you want to sell your pianaccord. I’d like to buy one for our church’s recording studio. Thanks!

  38. I have an Accordion Stand-up done by Giorgio Gobbi Diego city of Piacenza – Italy. Does anyone have information about the manufacturer and in that year was made that instrument? I did not get any information about it. Sao Paulo/Brazil.

  39. I also studied with Primo at Robotti’s. I demonstrated the Pianachord and made a brochure demonstrating the instrument. I also won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts with that instrument. I was 15 in 1951. I remenber Fiore being manager at the studio.

  40. I have an accordian which I no longer play. It is of vintage quality but in playable condition. I inherited it from my grandfather, and would like to sell it for $500. I am 86 years old and live in a veteras home in California. If interested please E-mail me

    Thanks in advance..


  41. m,honeraccordain-late 18-earley-19hundred’s
    12×6-best condition in the home of a 92 yr old
    said it was in her family for year’s looking for a fair
    Thank’s Dave

  42. Dear Andrea, can you sell your Bocchi accordion to me??? I’m in Italy… Many thanks and best regards []

  43. I have a Bonvicini piano according that was my dad’s. don’t know when his uncle bought it for him but he has always had it as far as I can remember, so I’m guessing at least 40+ years. It plays and all the keys work. Some of the note keys are starting to crack. Its been setting around for years in the cases. So I’m trying to sell for it my mom. If anybody is interested let me know.