Quick Links: Keepers of the Flame

No matter how many times the accordion is counted out, it just keeps coming back. Here are some recent articles highlighting the brave souls who just can’t stop squeezing.

  • Still Squeezing By (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
    Part of the Journal-Sentinel’s “Vanishing Wisconsin” series — a look at Wisconsin traditions on the verge of disappearing — this piece focuses on the Milwaukee Accordion Club’s efforts to keep the accordion alive. “The accordion is a secret handshake,” says Don Turner, 43, a board member for the club. “If you play accordion, and someone else plays, well, you’ll help one another.”
  • Accordion Revival (Calgary Herald)
    North of the border, the Accordion Association of Calgary promotes accordion awareness and provides a venue for performers young and old. According to Association president Beverly Fess: “The last five-plus years we’ve seen a steady increase in people picking up the accordion. It’s seen more use with more young people picking it up and not just adults that have had it in the closet.”
  • Putting the Squeeze On (Prague Post)
    Even in the Czech Republic, the accordion had been pushed out of music schools and concert halls by the communists. But the tide is turning, as evidenced by the return of the European Accordion Festival to Prague late last month. According to the article, “at least 70 percent of festival participants are under 16 years old, suggesting a widespread and growing interest in the accordion among adolescents and young adults.” Watch out — the next generation of accordionists are on their way!

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