25 Songs: Accordion Tribe

Musical supergroups have a spotty track record. For every Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, there’s an XYZ (the failed ex-Led Zeppelin/Yes supergroup). Fortunately, Accordion Tribe has managed to overcome the odds. This collaboration between five of the world’s most innovative contemporary accordionists — Guy Klucevsek (USA), Maria Kalaniemi (Finland), Bratko Bibic (Slovenia), Lars Hollmer (Sweden), and Otto Lechner (Austria) — began in 1996 and has since yielded three excellent albums and several European tours. This track comes from their most recent album, Lunghorn Twist.

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  1. Their first album, “Accordion Tribe,” is among my favorite records of all time.

    Seek out the Accordion Tribe concert/tour/rockumentary film too. It was called “the best accordion movie ever,” by patrons at our Accordion Noir Festival.

    It’s available on a lovely DVD from the makers in Switzerland, and totally worth the trouble. (How often do you get to transfer money to a numbered Swiss bank-account?) http://www.maximage.ch/bestellung.html