25 Songs: Flaco Jimenez

For some, music is in their blood. One in a long line of conjunto legends — including his grandfather (Patricio Jimenez) and father (Santiago Jimenez Sr.) — Flaco Jimenez has become tejano music’s unofficial ambassador to the world, spreading the music and absorbing rock, country, and jazz influences along the way. His list of collaborators is extensive, including Ry Cooder, Dwight Yoakum, Linda Ronstadt, the Rolling Stones, and numerous others; not to mention his stint as part of the Texas Tornados with Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers and Freddie Fender. No matter who he’s playing with, though, his sound is instantly recognizable; this Flaco quote does a nice job of summarizing why:

“The way I learned to play the accordion was on the wild and happy side, much like Cajun and zydeco music. One of my early idols was Clifton Chenier. The way he played, it was like the accordion was yelling at you: hey, take this. I like to make my accordion yell and scream and make it happy.”


  1. I love Flaco’s playing!

  2. FLACO!!!!!! You are the best!!!!! Ed

  3. To me, Flaco is a wizard: whatever he takes, he turns it into unique piece of music, may it be a waltz, or polka, or some old Mexican ballad. I find big similarities between him and F. Chopin: unique style, romantic feelings and sentiments for the national folklore. I am honored to be a contemporary of this great musician.

  4. Does anyone know the song Flaco Jimenez sang about he was in love with a woman who left him for another man, so he decides to go back to his wife. When he gets home he finds that his wife has left him for another man, and then he says how awful women are. I saw it on youtube and I cannot find it now. Anybody help?