Flickr Find: The Cordovox Magic of Valentino

The Cordovox Magic of Valentino, uploaded by letslookupandsmile

What’s not to love about this album cover? The purple cuffs, the pinky ring, the thumbs… and, of course, Valentino’s magical Cordovox. I tried to find a clip from the album, but all I could find was this review of Valentino’s “Live in Las Vegas” CD. I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy, but if anyone has more information about this master of the Cordovox, leave us a comment.


  1. I’d love to hear this. He looks like another incarnation of Andy Kaufman.

  2. Ha! You’re right; he could be one of Tony Clifton’s cousins.

  3. Valentino is an Irishman who lives in England, travels the world, and was one of the first to make a living playing an electronic accordion. He has worked with everyone on show business from Sinatra to The Beatles. Although a colourful and flamboyant figure, Valentino is in fact a brilliant musician, with great stage presence. I have recently been in contact with him and have written a short biography for inclusion in my forthcoming book ‘An A to Z of the Accordion, Volume 4’.

    Rob Howard

  4. Thanks for the info, Rob! I have no doubt that he’s a great musician — even Myron Floren had a “Disco Polka” phase. We’ll try to hunt down some of his music.

    When’s the next edition of your book due out?

  5. ‘An A to Z of the Accordion, Volume 4’ is due to be published in early May. Valentino’s story will be in there, along with many other biographies plus articles of interest to the accordion enthusiast – too many to list here! My books are available in the US via Henry Doktorski. His website contains full itemised details.

    Rob Howard

  6. the man himself appeared on British TV on the show wheeltappers & shunters club in the mid ’70’s.
    I am trying to track down to see if the 3 DVDs that Network are doing, has the Valentino clip on, as it was mega, and he rocked the audience, worth seeing indeed, and he looked exactly as in this photo, rings cuffs the lot!!!!!
    I have a signed album by him I picked up from a car boot sale many years ago, its mint condition too, I am going to scan it and put on Flickr.

  7. i have his reflections album and have uploaded a few tracks onto youtube

  8. My Dad has a copy of this record – if any one is interested in buying it just let me know. Great Music

  9. I started dating this guy when he played in Liverpool and I met The Bachelors who were appearing with him in Blackpool…ha ha …long time ago. He used to stay with me at my parents house and mum would stay up until he came in from the show. I’d go to bed. She’d always do him something to eat and have chocolate for him, Cadbury’s, of course. I stayed at his London flat in Queensborough Terrace when he flew in from Ireland. Jackie sometimes wore a dark blue velvet cape which matched his suit. All the women went ga-ga over him and used to ask me, ‘Can I kiss your boyfriend please?’ and I’d say, ‘Go ahead’. I was keen on his cockney driver, Harry, but I had far too many boyfriends in showbiz and the football world to bother who kissed who, as long as it wasn’t me. In some of the photos I’ve seen online today, he has a distinct look of Brian May whom I’ve also met. He wanted to marry, but I was too busy dating to settle down. I still have photos of him with The Beatles, signed by them all and many postcards sent from his travels. He said he came from Castleknock, Dublin, in fact I have the address somewhere. Funny…I’ve not seen that address mentioned.

  10. Jackie Farn has a website at