Serbia Chooses the Accordion

I haven’t seen an accordion player on American Idol yet, but Eurovision — Europe’s annual song contest that pits nation against nation — rarely disappoints. Serbia just selected its representative for this year’s competition: “Cipela” (“The Shoe”) performed by Marko Kon and accordionist Milan Nikolic. According to Nikolic, the song was “based on an idea to bring the accordion back to the place it deserves. First in Serbia, then in the whole world as well.” That’s certainly an idea I can get behind.


  1. Nice! Now I want to know what he is saying.
    Just another monoglot!

  2. According to this article, it’s about “a man rejected by a woman who expects him to gain riches.” I’ll look around for a translation of the lyrics.

  3. Wow, Eurovision is so bad. Our favorite related story has always been that of Swedish avante-gardeists (and rudimentary accordionists) Philemon Arthur and the Dung,
    They got the Swedish Grammi awards cancelled for 15 years after they won the award for best album in 1971. (People weren’t taking it seriously enough…) Can you imagine a band so powerful they’d cancel the grammies in the US? They’d need an accordion for sure, but it would only happen if it improved ratings.

  4. Serbian and English lyrics

  5. Thanks Stephan!

  6. Thank you!