MP3 Monday: Irish Punk for St. Patrick’s Day

Matt Hensley of Flogging MollyAfter two weeks of shuffling boxes back and forth between our old and new homes, we’re back and ready to squeeze. And since we’ve left you high and dry for so long, we’ll make up for it with not one, but two tracks to add to your St. Patrick’s Day party playlist.

Metromix Denver put together a fun field guide to Irish punk bands and, of course, all such lists begin with the genre’s creators: The Pogues. Mixing traditional Irish instruments like the accordion and tin whistle with punk rock attitude and politically-charged lyrics, The Pogues are the blueprint that all other Irish/Celtic punk bands follow. This track features some nice accordion work by The Pogues’ accordionist, James Fearnley:

Flogging Molly approaches the Irish punk sound by melding old and new world — leader Dave King grew up in Dublin, but has spent most of his adulthood in Los Angeles. Named in honor of the L.A. club where the band cut its teeth, Flogging Molly have built a strong following over the years and their latest album, Float, cracked the top 5 in Billboard’s album chart last year. Skateboarder turned accordion player Matt Hensley squeezes the box for Flogging Molly:


  1. Happy St. Pat’s Day!

    And of course we love the Pogues and Flogging Molly.

    In the spirit we are offering a free download today of our rendition of the reel, “Morning Star”.Get it here:

    Éirinn go brách! Ireland Forever!

    Mad Mags

  2. That’s the spirit! Thanks for the heads-up, Mags!