Play Accordion On Your iPhone

Apple is previewing a new version of iPhone software today, but I’m guessing they won’t include any accordion-related applications. Fortunately, Markus Palmanto has filled the void with Accordio — a new app that simulates a five-row chromatic button accordion on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I’ve been playing with it and, even though I’m a piano accordion guy, it’s surprisingly responsive and easy to hit the buttons. You can switch between common button layouts (B, C, G) and display the names of the buttons if, like me, you’re still learning your way around a chromatic keyboard. Here’s an impressive demonstration:

Looks like a fun way to practice on the go, or to entertain yourself while your accordion is in the shop. You can download Accordio for $3.99 (or €2.99) from the App Store. Or if you act fast, I have a few free download codes to give away — leave a comment or message me on Twitter to get one. (Update: Sorry, all the codes have been claimed.)


  1. Do you have any codes left? If so, I’d love to have one. Thanks!

  2. Excellent find!

    I’d love a free download code, if you have any left, thanks.

  3. Heidi and Squeezyboy — I just sent codes to both of you. Let us know what you think of the app.

  4. Man, I’ve been sooo wanting something like this!

    Now if they add a free-bass left hand I’ve just saved myself $3,000!

    I’m gonna go play.

    There’s also Accomedion, which looks like a piano accordion with a few stradella base buttons, but it doesn’t thrill me.

  5. nice app. Unfortunately, either the buttons are too small or there’s not enough range. But it’s still fun to play with. I tore a tendon in my left arm, so I can’t play for a while… this gave me my “fix”…

  6. When are you going to give us that five row accordion app for Android?

  7. When are you going to give us that 5-row app for Android