Quick Links: Polka Grammy Backlash

Last week’s news about the elimination of the polka Grammy brought the polka sympathizers out of the woodwork…

  • The Grammys Bite Polka
    Humorist Barry Mitchell (“Accordion Guy” on ABC’s World News Now) takes to the streets with this bouncy rant against the Grammys.
  • Is Polka Out of Step?
    Nice editorial from the LA Times: “The Grammy snobs might think that polka’s three-quarter time is up. But this is a genre that’s been around for more than a century longer than rock ‘n’ roll… it will proudly waltz on.”
  • Defending the Polka
    Great interview with Mark Halata of Houston polka band Texavia about Texas Czech polka, its origins and influences, and its place in the 21st century.
  • Polka Grammy Outrage
    Entertainment Weekly interviews 18-time polka Grammy winner Jimmy Sturr, who explains why the Grammys have made a terrible mistake.

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