Pet Peeve: Misspelling Accordion

When it comes to the accordion, I try to keep an open mind. I’ll listen to virtually any type of music if I’m told there’s an accordion involved. Polka? Naturally. Tex-Mex punk? ¡Sí! Finnish folk-metal? Sign me up… IN BLOOD.

Same goes for reading articles or books about the accordion. But when it comes to the written word, there is one thing that will stop me dead in my tracks every time. It’s something tiny, but it absolutely drives me up the wall:


That’s right—accordion misspelled with “an” at the end, instead of “on”. Whenever I see that horrible, misshapen word, I want to bellows shake some sense into the author’s head. And, unfortunately, it happens all too often. What gives? No one goes around misspelling “guitar” or “piano” and gets away with it.

To combat the continued spread of this atrocious misspelling, we’ve created a very simple site: So the next time you see someone misspell the name of our favorite instrument in an article, tweet, or Craigslist ad, gently refer them to And remind them to use a spell-checker, for goodness sake.


  1. LOVE IT more please……..

  2. Not to muddle things, but you could note in small print how “accordéon” is acceptable in French and “akkordeon” in German… accordian however is acceptable in none! I always liked to think of it as the opposite of a Discordian.

  3. True. We’re really focusing on just the ‘accordian’ offenders, of which there are many, many, many:

  4. I’m so glad you tagged Korpiklaani! Ad they’re going to be touring the US again soon… ;)